our photo booths vs cheap alternatives

Our Photo Booths Vs Cheap Alternatives

Photo booths have become a popular form of entertainment at various events, from weddings to corporate functions. You’ll find hundreds of suppliers across the UK, but it’s important to understand not all of them offer the best photo booths for hire.

When it comes to choosing a photo booth, the price can significantly impact what you receive in terms of quality and service. It’s true that you get what you pay for, and many cheaper booths offer a substandard experience.

At Special Events Photo Booths, we pride ourselves on offering an affordable, high-quality service. Read on to find out how we compare to cheaper alternatives on the market.

Key Takeaways:

1. Our photo booths use the best quality equipment: Cheaper alternatives tend to use poorer quality equipment. Special Events Photo Booths only uses the best, latest equipment and technology including DSLR cameras and studio quality lighting.

2. A quality, reliable service: We pride ourselves on providing a quality, reliable service that you just don’t get with cheaper alternatives.

3. Extra features and services: Our photo booths are supplied in various package deals that include all kinds of fun extras. With cheaper alternatives you typically just get the basics.

Quality of Equipment

When you’re hiring a photo booth, the quality of the equipment is super important. Cheaper photo booths may cut costs by using lower-grade cameras, printers, and lighting. This can result in poorer image quality, with less sharpness and poor colour accuracy.

Professional lighting is crucial in photography, and skimping on this can lead to unflattering shadows and highlights in your photos. In contrast, higher-end photo booths boast DSLR cameras, studio-grade lighting, and fast, high-quality printers. This ensures that every print is a keepsake worth cherishing.

our photo booths vs cheap alternatives

Our photo booths are all equipped with the latest DSLR cameras and high-tech equipment. The photos they capture are on-par with those taken by professional photographers. This is one of the reasons why they prove so popular with couples on their wedding day. They can take expert quality photos at a fraction of the price.

Quality of Service

The level of service you receive is often directly proportional to the price. Budget photo booth services don’t just use lower quality equipment; they also often cut corners on staff training and employing less experienced attendants.

This can affect everything from how smoothly the booth runs, to how quickly technical issues are resolved. The customer service you receive can also leave a lot to be desired. If you check out budget suppliers, you’ll often find they have many negative reviews based on their poor customer service.

Premium photo booth services on the other hand, invest in their staff. They hire technical experts who can ensure the equipment is working as it should, and friendly, professional attendants who can boost the overall guest experience.

At Special Events Photo Booths, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Not only do we hire the best operators in the business, but we also ensure hand select our customer service team for their friendly, helpful, and professional manner.

When you choose us, you are guaranteed exceptional customer service.


The reliability of the photo booth equipment is another critical consideration. Cheaper alternatives tend to use older or less durable equipment. This means it can be prone to malfunctions, resulting in downtime during your event.

One of the best things about hiring a photo booth is that they provide hours of non-stop fun. So, if they break down it’s going to leave your guests disappointed, as well as reflect badly on the event.

With our photo booths you don’t need to worry about them breaking down mid-way through your celebration. We update their equipment regularly and have backup plans in place, ensuring a seamless experience even if technical challenges do crop up.

Our photo booths are manned by professional operatives. If anything does go wrong, they’ll get to work fixing it right away. They can also help you and your guests get the most out of the booth’s features.


The extras available when you book a photo booth can make a huge difference in the overall experience. With budget photo booths, you could miss out on a range of backdrops, high-quality props, or useful services like hashtag printing and a guestbook memento.  

The way your photos are shared and stored can also be less sophisticated. For example, they may offer basic Dropbox uploads rather than a fully functional online gallery with social media integration.

Premium services like ours offer a variety of backdrops, themed props, and sophisticated online galleries. They don’t just store your photos securely, but also allow for easy sharing and downloading.

We have three unique packages to choose from with every photo booth we offer. These include a generous range of extras to help give you more for your money. If our standard packages don’t fit your needs, we’ll even create one just for you.

At Special Events Photo Booths, we offer one of the best, most affordable hire services in the UK. Check out our range of booths and the extras they come with and get in touch to book a premium photo booth experience today.

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