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Photo Booth Hire Guide 2024

Choosing the right photo booth for your event can be tricky with the sheer number of options available. At Special Events Photo Booths we have one of the largest and most diverse collections of photo booths on the market. From classic styles to ultra-modern 360 video booths, we have something to suit all events, budgets, and preferences.

Not sure which photo booth to choose? We’ve put together this useful guide to make selecting the best photo booth for your event easier.

Key Takeaways:

1. Open air photo booths are compact and inclusive: Open air booths like our selfie booths, pod booths, and magic mirrors, are more compact and inclusive than enclosed booths. They can fit 6-8 people into each photo, and prices start from just £350 for 3 hours.

2. Enclosed booths provide privacy and quality: Enclosed photo booths give guests complete privacy when taking their photos. They take professional quality 6” x 8” prints and start from just £400 for 3 hours.

3. 360 video booths offer a dynamic and interactive experience: 360 video booths are the ultimate party entertainment. Capturing stunning quality videos, you can edit the footage to add on effects like boomerang and slow motion. Prices start from £500 for 3 hours.

Open Air Booths

Open air booths are a popular choice for various events due to their versatile and slimline design. These booths don’t have walls, which helps to create an open and inclusive atmosphere.

The ones available through Special Events Photo Booths can accommodate between 6-8 guests, making them ideal for group photos. We offer a range of open-air booths including selfie booths, pod booths, and magic mirrors.

photo booth hire guide

Selfie booths start at £350 for a 3-hour hire period and they offer a compact and user-friendly experience. They produce strip 4” x 6” prints and are offered in three great value package deals.

Pod booths, beginning at £375 for the same duration, use iPod technology to capture impeccable quality photos quickly and easily. They have a modern design and produce instant 6” x 8” quality prints.

Magic mirrors have a glitzier feel, providing a fully interactive experience. They can accommodate groups of 8 and provide instant 6” x 8” prints. Prices start from just £400 for 3 hours, and they come with exclusive backdrops, props, and a selection of extras.

Enclosed Booths

Enclosed photo booths offer a unique and private experience. Their oval enclosed design provides a cosy and intimate atmosphere, fitting between 6-8 people at once. This setup is perfect for guests who prefer a bit more privacy to capture memories of the event.

These booths produce 6″ x 8″ professional prints, ensuring guests end up with high quality keepsakes. Priced from £400 for a 3-hour period, these booths also come fitted with studio-quality lighting. This boosts the photo quality and provides a professional photography experience.

Our oval enclosed photo booths come with a choice of designs, including a rustic wood and love heart theme. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, these booths can be tailored to suit the occasion.

The addition of studio-quality lighting in these booths is a game-changer. It ensures that each photo is lit in the most flattering way, mimicking the conditions of a professional photography studio. This feature is particularly beneficial for formal events or occasions where guests are dressed up and want to look their best in photos.

The combination of privacy, customisable design, professional lighting, and high-quality prints makes these enclosed photo booths a premium choice for any event.

360 Video Booths

360 video booths are an exciting addition to events, offering a dynamic and interactive experience. These booths capture video from all angles and can accommodate up to 4 people at once.

They produce immersive, multi-dimensional footage that can be enhanced with effects like slow motion and boomerang thanks to a built-in editing suite. Prices for these booths start at £500 for a 3-hour period.

A team of trained professionals from Special Events Photo Booths will deliver and set up the booth, ensuring everything runs smoothly. They are perfect for a range of events, including weddings, corporate events, and parties, where they add a unique and modern twist.

Various package deals are available, offering more value for your investment. They include valuable extras such as branding/personal messaging, a choice of music, and a choice of backdrops.

Which Photo Booth is Right for Me?

Choosing the right photo booth for your event depends on the atmosphere and experience you want to create. Open air booths are great for providing a social vibe, allowing for easy interaction, and fitting up to 6 guests into the shot. They’re suitable for events where you want an open, inclusive feel.

Enclosed booths offer a more private experience, accommodating 6-8 people. They are ideal for capturing intimate moments and are best suited to more formal events.

Finally, 360 video booths provide a modern, dynamic experience, perfect for adding a unique twist to your event. They are the more expensive option, but you can save when you book through us.

When determining which one is right for you, consider the theme of your event, space limitations, and the experience you want for your guests.

If you’re struggling to decide, call our friendly customer service team today. After going over your requirements, they’ll be happy to advise you which photo booth best fits your needs.

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