Meet the Team Photo Booth Hire Worcester

Constantly attuned to the newest developments in the photo booth arena.

Jag Mann


Introducing Jag Mann, the innovative and visionary founder of Special Events Photo Booths. Jag began his quest to transform the photo booth experience armed only with a dream and a camera. His relentless dedication to excellence and entrepreneurial spirit form the foundation of our brand. Jag is the cornerstone that guarantees smooth operations and the continual provision of our top-tier service. Constantly attuned to the newest developments in the photo booth arena, he is energetically steering our company towards growth and broader horizons.


Technical Manager

Introducing Raj, our esteemed Technical Manager at Special Events Photo Booths. Renowned for his deep knowledge and skill in the realms of photo booth technology and event management, Raj’s expertise is second to none. His responsibilities extend well beyond the mere maintenance of our equipment. Raj is perpetually on the hunt for the latest technological breakthroughs to enhance the photo booth experience. Whether it’s integrating state-of-the-art software, experimenting with augmented reality functionalities, or advancing image quality, Raj stands as our in-house authority on all technical innovations.


Operations Manager

Meet Jas, the dynamic Operations Manager at Special Events Photo Booths. Driven by a passion for perfection and meticulous attention to detail, Jas is the essential force behind the flawless execution of our photo booth events.

With a rich background in event management spanning more than a decade, Jas skillfully blends creativity with efficiency, transforming ordinary events into unforgettable occasions.


Customer Representative – Worcester Office

Meet Adam, an exceptional member of our customer service team. He specializes in streamlining the booking and customization process of our photo booth services, ensuring it’s seamless and enjoyable. Adam adopts a client-first attitude, concentrating on crafting personalized experiences tailored to each client’s distinct tastes and preferences. His philosophy is centred around cultivating relationships rather than mere transactions, ensuring every client feels appreciated and comprehended.


Photo Booth Attendant – Worcester Office

We are delighted to present Prit, the driving force behind both our operations and the photo booth experience at our Worcester office. Prit has been a part of our journey from the very beginning, and throughout, he has proven to be an essential component of our operations. With remarkable skill and unwavering dedication, Prit adeptly manages his dual role. He seamlessly combines technical expertise with a captivating personality at every event. Prit excels at cultivating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that guests feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoy their photo booth experience.