Selfie Pod

Our selfie and photo pods are available throughout the Midlands

Hiring a selfie pod doesn’t have to be expensive.

Photo booths can be a great addition to any event. However, they can take up a lot of space. If your chosen venue doesn’t have the amount of space required for one of our booths, you could benefit from our selfie pod service instead.

Ideal for a range of events and special occasions, selfie pods are small, sleek, and stylish. Learn more about our affordable selfie pod hire below…

Selfie pod hire near me

Our selfie and photo pods are available throughout the Midlands. They are basically a smaller version of a freestanding photo booth, great for small spaces. You won’t be able to capture large group photos, but you can fit up to three people in the pod.

We have a number of selfie pods available, ensuring there is something to suit any event. They are also completely customisable, and a personalised animated screen can be created prior to the hire.

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Cheap selfie pod hire

Hiring a selfie pod doesn’t have to be expensive. We supply cheap selfie pod hire for any event. Our photo pod hire is known to be one of the cheapest in the country. They are generally more affordable than our full-sized booths too. So, if it isn’t just a lack of space holding you back from hiring one, a selfie pod could be an ideal alternative.

Compare our prices to our competitors and you’ll see we tend to be much cheaper. Get in touch with us now to discuss our selfie pods for hire, or to receive a customised quote.

Selfie pod hire packages

Our fully automated selfie pods are available in great package deals. We offer different deals to suit our customer’s varying hire needs. For example, our photo pod hire can come with hashtag printing. This allows you to print off all photos shared by your and your guests on social media.

If you do decide to book one of our package deals, you can do so online. Our convenient booking system is easy to use and will secure the selfie pod of your choice on the dates requested.

If you don’t see a selfie pod hire package that fits your requirements, give us a call. We can put together personalised packages to match your specific needs. Whatever your budget and preferences, we can create a selfie pod hire package to suit them.


Selfie pod hire near me

Looking for selfie pod hire near you? Our exclusive service is available within 40 miles of the B66. One of our friendly and professional operatives will deliver and set up the pod for you. They will also stay on site until the end of the hire period to ensure you don’t experience any trouble using them.

To discover more about our great selfie pod hire service, contact us today. Alternatively, if you are ready to book you can use our online system on the website. We promise we won’t be beaten on cost or service and we can supply our selfie pods to all kinds of events.