Photo Booth Templates

Want to capture truly unique photos at your event?

One of a kind photos at your next event

Use our photo booth templates to capture one-of-a-kind photos at your next event. Each of our photo booths comes with a selection of built-in templates you can use. You also have several printing options, guaranteeing something to match your needs and your budget.

Photo booth templates

Our photo booths come with a huge choice of photo booth templates. These help to enhance your photos, giving them a unique theme. You can choose from wedding, birthday, prom, and corporate templates to name just a few.

You can also tailor our templates to match your specific preferences. With hundreds of templates available, you are sure to find something to match your event.

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Photo booth printing options

Choose from a great range of photo booth printing options. Our high-tech booths offer instant prints, postcard prints and digital copies of photos. You and your guests will benefit from unlimited instant prints. You can also choose whether you prefer strip or postcard, as well as three or four different pose print options.

Browse our full range of printing options now or contact us to learn more about the different services on offer.

Green screen photo booths

Want to capture truly unique photos at your event? Our green screen photo booths are ideal. The exclusive green screen technology allows you to insert your own digital backdrop into the photos.

Commonly used within the film industry, green screens can add striking visual effects to your photos. Our green screen booths are wrinkle-resistant, ensuring the photos come out perfectly.

After selecting the backdrop you want, it will magically be inserted into the photo once it has been taken. You will get to see what it will look like before you take the photo too.  


Photo postcards

Photo postcards are a popular photo booth printing option. They provide professional quality prints onto a postcard, rather than on a strip with multiple photos. These can be kept as mementoes, or even sent on to friends and family who couldn’t be there.

We offer photo postcards as part of some of our great value package deals. Call us to learn more today.

Whatever the event, we have photo booth templates and printing options to suit it. Contact us today to discover more about our excellent choice of templates, or book one of our photo booths online. You will find our affordable prices and excellent customer service difficult to beat elsewhere.