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About Birmingham For Parties

Birmingham, often referred to as the “Heart of England,” is a bustling city located in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom. As the country’s second-largest city, Birmingham is a vibrant hub of culture, commerce, and history.

With a rich industrial heritage dating back to the 18th century, Birmingham played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution. Today, remnants of this legacy can be explored at the Black Country Living Museum, offering visitors a glimpse into the city’s manufacturing past.

Birmingham is also celebrated for its diverse culture and arts scene. The city boasts world-class museums like the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and its home to the Royal Ballet and Symphony Orchestra, showcasing its commitment to the arts.

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As a melting pot of cultures, Birmingham offers a diverse culinary landscape, from traditional British fare to international cuisine. Shoppers can indulge in retail therapy at the iconic Bullring shopping centre, while green spaces like Cannon Hill Park provide a tranquil escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

Modern development, such as the Library of Birmingham and revitalised areas like Digbeth, symbolise the city’s commitment to growth and innovation. Birmingham’s thriving business community, renowned educational institutions, and diverse attractions make it a vibrant and dynamic city to explore.

Luxury Party Venue Hotels Birmingham

Welcome to our carefully curated list of hotels in Birmingham, each handpicked for their suitability as a venue for events featuring photo booth hire. Planning an event is about creating memorable moments, and the choice of venue is pivotal in ensuring those moments shine.

Birmingham, a vibrant and diverse city, offers a wide array of hotel options, each with its unique charm and amenities. Whether you’re organising a wedding, a corporate gathering, a milestone celebration, or any event where a photo booth adds a touch of fun, our selection has you covered.

These hotels boast convenient locations, spacious and stylish event spaces, and dedicated staff committed to making your event a success. With photo booths capturing candid and entertaining snapshots, these venues provide the ideal backdrop for your guests to enjoy themselves and create lasting memories.

Explore our list of Birmingham hotels, where every click of the camera will be accompanied by comfort, sophistication, and exceptional service, ensuring your event is picture-perfect in every way.

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Malmaison Birmingham

Set in a converted Royal Mail sorting office, Malmaison offers chic rooms and an upscale brasserie, ideal for both business and leisure travellers.

1 Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 1RD, UK

Telephone: 0121 246 5000

The Grand Hotel Birmingham

A historic luxury hotel located in the city centre, offering elegantly appointed rooms, a full-service spa, and several dining options including a rooftop bar.

Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BS, UK

Telephone: 0121 827 9600

Radisson Blu Hotel, Birmingham

Located in the heart of the city, Radisson Blu offers contemporary rooms, a stylish restaurant, and a modern fitness centre.

12 Holloway Circus Queensway, Birmingham B1 1BT, UK

Telephone: 0121 654 6000

Birmingham’s alternative party venues

Welcome to our curated list of alternative party venues in Birmingham, tailored for those seeking a unique and unconventional backdrop for their event, complete with the added fun of a photo booth hire. Birmingham is a city known for its creativity and diversity, and these venues perfectly embody that spirit.

If you’re planning an event that breaks away from traditional banquet halls and hotel ballrooms, you’ve come to the right place. These venues offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary, with their quirky, artistic, and unconventional spaces that lend themselves perfectly to hosting memorable gatherings.

With a photo booth capturing candid and quirky moments, these alternative venues provide an ideal setting for your guests to let loose, express themselves, and create unforgettable memories. 

Whether you’re hosting a birthday bash, a themed party, or any event that deserves a unique twist, our list of alternative party venues in Birmingham ensures your celebration is infused with creativity, charm, and a touch of the unexpected. Get ready to turn your event into a one-of-a-kind experience!

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Havana Bar at Revolucion De Cuba Birmingham

Havana Bar at Revolucion De Cuba in Birmingham is a vibrant and lively venue, with its Cuban-inspired atmosphere, delicious cocktails, and festive ambiance, perfect for memorable parties and events.

8 Temple St, Birmingham B2 5BN

Telephone: 0121 796 1216

BOX Brindleyplace

BOX Brindleyplace is a fantastic party venue, featuring stylish decor, a spacious layout, and a vibrant atmosphere, making it ideal for hosting unforgettable and energetic gatherings.

1-2 The Waters Edge Brindley Pl, Birmingham B1 2HL

Telephone: 0121 269 5700

Dirti Martini

Dirti Martini in Birmingham is a chic and sophisticated cocktail bar, well-known for its stylish ambiance and a diverse range of cocktails. The venue is popular for its vibrant atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for both casual gatherings and special occasions. They often host happy hours and special events, offering an exciting nightlife experience.

7 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5ST

Telephone: 0121 3890 084

Outdoor Party Venues

Welcome to our curated list of outdoor party venues in Birmingham, the perfect setting for hosting an event that combines the beauty of the outdoors with the excitement of a photo booth rental. Birmingham offers a range of stunning outdoor locations, each with its unique charm and ambiance.

Suppose you’re looking to host a celebration under the open sky, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, corporate gathering, or any special occasion. In that case, these venues provide the ideal backdrop for your event. From lush gardens to scenic parks and picturesque courtyards, Birmingham’s outdoor party venues offer a refreshing departure from traditional indoor settings.

Imagine your guests enjoying the natural surroundings while capturing candid and joyful moments in the photo booth. These outdoor venues not only allow for a relaxed and spacious atmosphere but also provide a memorable experience that combines the beauty of nature with the thrill of photography. Explore our list of outdoor party venues in Birmingham and get ready to create lasting memories in the great outdoors, all while celebrating in style.

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The Pickwick Hall

The Pickwick Halls offer an excellent outdoor venue with picturesque surroundings, spacious grounds, and versatile spaces, providing a charming and natural setting for various outdoor events.

Pickwick Sports Ground, Windermere Rd, Birmingham B13 9JS

Telephone: 07967 321811

West Midland Safari Park

West Midland Safari Park in Birmingham is an outstanding outdoor venue, combining wildlife encounters with versatile event spaces, creating a unique and memorable setting for outdoor events and gatherings.

Spring Grove, Bewdley DY12 1LF

Telephone: 01299 402114

Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham is an ideal outdoor venue with its serene lakes, lush gardens, and versatile spaces, perfect for hosting various outdoor events and gatherings.

Russell Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8RD

Telephone: 0121 303 1111

Party Restaurant Venues

We are pleased to provide our carefully selected selection of Birmingham restaurant venues—the ideal option for organising an unforgettable gathering that has the fun addition of a photo booth. These restaurants provide superb meals as well as an amazing backdrop for festivities of all types. Birmingham is well known for its diversified culinary scene.

These restaurant venues provide a unique blend of delectable cuisine, inviting ambiance, and the convenience of having a photo booth to capture your guests’ candid moments. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering, a corporate dinner, a wedding reception, or any special occasion, these restaurants offer a warm and inviting atmosphere that ensures your event is a success.

Picture your guests savouring delicious dishes, clinking glasses, and stepping into the photo booth to create cherished memories. With a range of culinary options and settings to choose from, our list of restaurant venues in Birmingham guarantees a delightful dining experience coupled with the fun of capturing unforgettable snapshots. Get ready for an event that’s not just satisfying for the palate but also a feast for the eyes!

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La Galleria Italian Restaurant Birmingham

As a family-run Italian restaurant in Birmingham, we offer a warm, welcoming experience; whether you are visiting us for a romantic night out, a larger party or a corporate event we guarantee that our friendly and attentive staff will well look after you.

Address: 5a Ethel Street, Birmingham, B2 4BG
Telephone: 0121 643 5933

Santorini Greek Restaurant Birmingham

Experience the warmth of Greek hospitality. Experience the authentic taste of Greek cuisine. We are famous for our authentic, quality food in a welcoming environment. Our family take great pride in welcoming you into our restaurant and giving you that traditional Greek hospitality that you cannot find anywhere else.

Address: 16 Hurst St, Birmingham B5 4BN
Telephone: 0121 643 5205


Located in a Grade II-listed Georgian villa in Edgbaston, Simpsons is a renowned modern British restaurant. It has been a consistent presence in the culinary scene for 30 years and boasts a Michelin Star. The restaurant is known for its exquisite tasting menu as well as more accessible lunch options.

20 Highfield Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 3DU

Telephone: 0121 454 3434


This contemporary British restaurant is highly esteemed, not just for its sublime service and exceptional food, but also for its world-class wine list. Located in the city center, Adam’s has earned a Michelin Star and offers a unique dining experience, including the option to sit at the chef’s table.

New Oxford House, 16 Waterloo Street, Birmingham B2 5UG

Telephone: 0121 643 3745


Set in a Grade II-listed building with modern décor, Simpsons offers private dining rooms for various occasions. Its British-European cuisine is Michelin-starred.

20 Highfield Rd, Birmingham B15 3DU, UK
Telephone: 0121 454 3434