Meet the Team Photo Booth Hire Birmingham

We promise exceptional customer service and will be with you throughout the booking process to ensure that your next event has a touch of that SEPB magic.

Jag Mann


Meet Jag Mann, the innovative and forward-thinking creator of Special Events Photo Booths. Jag embarked on this venture with nothing more than a vision and a camera, crafting a unique photo booth experience. His commitment to quality and entrepreneurial zeal are the pillars of our brand’s success. Jag is the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring that our services consistently receive top ratings. He stays ahead of the curve in the photo booth sector and is actively orchestrating our growth strategy.


Technical Manager

Let me introduce you to Raj, our highly respected Technical Manager. Raj brings a deep understanding and proficiency in the realms of photo booth technology and event coordination. More than just overseeing equipment maintenance, Raj is our pioneer in scouting and incorporating cutting-edge tech innovations to elevate the photo booth experience. His expertise ranges from implementing fresh software solutions to delving into augmented reality features and improving picture clarity. Raj is the technical wizard behind our operations


Operations Manager

Introducing Jas, the energetic Operations Manager at Special Events Photo Booths. Jas is known for his meticulous attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making him the key player in orchestrating flawless photo booth experiences. With over ten years in event management, Jas masterfully combines creativity with practicality, turning everyday events into lasting and memorable experiences.


Customer Representative – Birmingham Office

Meet Justine, the outstanding customer service representative at Special Events Photo Booths. From the inception of our company, Justine has been a vital part of our team, evolving into the friendly and reassuring voice, as well as the inviting face, that greets all our clients. Her guiding principle is both straightforward and impactful: Treat each client as distinctive and view every event as a chance to craft something truly special.


Photo Booth Attendant – Birmingham Office

Introducing Roma, an indispensable part of our Special Events Photo Booths team and your personal photo booth specialist! Known for her radiant smile and meticulous attention to detail, Roma has consistently enlivened our photo booths and delighted our clients. She possesses a unique talent for setting the perfect scene, from fine-tuning the lighting to selecting the ideal props, ensuring that each photo transcends mere imagery to become a work of art. Roma is committed to making your event unforgettable with her dedicated efforts.