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What to Wear in a Photo Booth

Photo booths are one of the most interactive experiences you can add to a special event. Jumping into a photo booth is a chance to have fun with quirky props and funky fashion choices, from cowboy hats to tiaras and feather boas. If you’re wondering what to wear in a photo booth, you’re likely heading out to a party, wedding, or night out with friends.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Choose photo booth outfits based on your event’s dress code and theme for cohesive pictures.
  2. Bold colors and accessories at eye-level stand out in standard waist-up photo booth shots.
  3. Avoid SPF makeup products to prevent flashback in indoor photo booth lighting.
  4. Smile naturally, use props, and experiment with poses during the multi-shot photo booth session.

We work with private clients and companies to give their guests an immersive experience that offers both nostalgia and a celebrity-worthy moment. Photo booths in Leicestershire are popping up everywhere from red carpet events to corporate functions and wedding receptions.

Whether you’re hosting the event or attending as a guest, you want to know what to wear in a photo booth. We’re sharing our top recommendations of what to wear and how to look good in a photo booth.

what to wear in a photo booth proms
what to wear in a photo booth proms

What to wear in a photo booth

You want to dress to impress when you’re stepping into a photo booth. The chances are that you’ll be attending a special event or a night out with friends when you come across a photo booth. You want to choose an outfit that is appropriate for the venue and occasion, whether you’re a wedding guest or attending a private function.

Check the invitation for your event or venue to make sure you’re abiding by any provided dress code. If your event has a theme, you’ll want to tie your outfit to it. Your event will likely have props that match the theme to use in the photo booth.

You’ll want to feel confident when you’re striking a pose. Choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and let your best self. Don’t be afraid to choose an outfit that lets you wear your heart on your sleeve.

It’s worth remembering that most photo booths will cut off your outfit at the waist. Keep your accessories at eye level to guarantee that they’ll make the picture. Contemporary photo booths, including 360-degree photo booths and selfie mirrors, will capture your look from head to toe.

Think of accessories that you can incorporate into your photo booth pictures, whether it’s a hat or a statement piece of jewellery. Add a mask to your costume if you’re attending a themed party and want to take your photos to the next level.

Photo booths are a way of capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Let your creativity flow with an outfit that reflects your personality and who you are. Bold colours are perfect for a photo booth, especially contrasting colours. Black is a fail-safe option and one that creates a naturally slimming illusion, including in black and white photos.

Nailing your photo booth pictures

The first thing you need to consider when jumping into a photo booth is whether you’re going solo or taking a picture with friends. Most photo booths will accommodate three people, making it perfect for a group photo.

While a group photo will give you more options for poses, a solo picture lets you take centre stage. Give yourself a few seconds to get comfortable in the photo booth and experiment with different poses before starting. You’ll usually get four pictures in each cycle with a few seconds between each shot. Look out for the countdown to strike your pose in time.

what to wear in a photo booth
what to wear in a photo booth

How do you look good in a photo booth?

Lighting is everything in a photo booth. Your photo booth attendant will ensure everything is set up to give you the best picture possible. You’ll usually have a screen or mirror to help you strike the right pose.

Don’t be afraid to try different poses and props when taking your pictures. There’s no such thing as having a ‘bad side’ in a well-lit photo booth. Indoor photo booths use flash lighting to illuminate your face and the surrounding area.

You want to make sure your makeup is suitable for flash photography. Foundation that has an SPF and white/transparent powder can create a flashback in your pictures. Skip these products to create photo-ready makeup worthy of the photo booth.

Outdoor photo booths will play off natural and artificial lighting. The photo booth attendant will adjust the settings throughout the booking to ensure you’re always getting the right lighting.

Most photo booths will give you the option of choosing between black and white photos and coloured photos, as well as choosing custom backdrops and frames. Play around with the options to enhance your photos and complement your outfit.

How do you pose for a photo booth?

Are you not sure what to do with your hands? Grab a prop from your photo booth attendant. Most events will provide themed props, whether it’s wedding-related signs or ‘90s-inspired disco props.

Event organisers might decide to provide props that incorporate their logo. There are thousands of DIY photo booth props that you can create at home. Pinterest is one of the best sources of inspiration for photo booth props and poses.

One thing you should always wear in a photo booth is a smile. The trick is to not force it. You want to look genuinely happy with a natural smile. Forcing a smile can make your pictures look awkward and uncomfortable. Bring some friends along with you for your photo booth session if it makes you feel more at ease.

Try to smile with your eyes for a more genuine look. Take a few seconds to practise ahead of time if you’re not used to posing for selfies and photos. Lean back your shoulders to release any tension and look into the camera. Don’t be afraid to get your hands and arms into the picture, whether you’re holding your clutch, showing off a cocktail, or waving at the camera.

You’ll get four photos with each photo booth session, giving you a chance to experiment with different looks. You can bring different accessories into each photo, change up your props, or try new poses between shots.

A photo booth is a chance to have fun with your outfit, poses, and accessories. Choose an outfit that makes you look as good as you feel! Explore our photo booth hire options and take your event to the next level with an immersive experience for your guests.

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