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Creative Photo Booth Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate events aren’t always about stale pastries, lukewarm coffee, and free pens. Whether it’s a conference or gala function, corporate events are becoming more guest-experience oriented. Photo booths are popping up everywhere as corporate companies seek to win over new clients, treat their employees, and build brand awareness.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Social media integration allows instant digital sharing of high-quality photo booth pictures.
  2. Custom branding like logos and hashtags encourages social sharing and marketing.
  3. Digital options create interactive, gif-able content for all ages to enjoy.
  4. Lead generation opportunities come from collecting guest emails during photo downloads.

Photo booths at corporate events should be treated a little differently to private functions. You want to incorporate branding into as many aspects of the photo booth experience as possible. Social media integration is a must-have to promote your event and brand online, whether the function is strictly for employees only or for third-party guests.

We work with hundreds of companies to take their corporate events to the next level with interactive photo booth experiences in Stourbridge. Our range of photo booths is suitable for events of all sizes, from small in-house events to large-scale conference functions. We’re sharing our advice on creative photo booth ideas for your next corporate event.

creative photo booth ideas for corporate events pictures
creative photo booth ideas for corporate events pictures

Choose a Theme

One of the easiest ways to create an immersive experience at your corporate event is to choose a theme. This works best for formal occasions and conferences where there is a specific theme that can be carried through to the photo booth.

Your theme can form a basis for ways to customise your photo booth through props and a dress code for what your guests should wear for the photo booth. If you’re bringing a photo booth to a conference or office event, think of ways to incorporate your company’s industry niche into the photo booth. Add DIY props or invite your employees to wear their company-branded clothing.

Branded Backgrounds

While your guests will take centre stage in their photos, don’t forget about the background! It’s another opportunity to sneak some branding into your photo booth. You can work with our team to create a customised background for your event.

You’ll want to think of ways to make your photos pop when your guests share them on social media. A branded background ensures that everyone knows where the photos are from. You can incorporate a branded or event-specific hashtag into your background to encourage your guest to share their photos on social media.

Make Group Photos Easy

Having a photo booth at a corporate event means you need to consider larger group photos. While you’ll still get people wanting solo and smaller group photos, corporate events may have a larger guest list than private functions. A traditional photo booth will usually fit two to three people comfortably, making more than that a tight squeeze.

You should consider your guest list and event space when choosing the right photo booth. Magic mirrors and 360-video booths are ideal choices for corporate events as they can accommodate larger groups with ease. You can invite your teams to come together for photos, as well as getting more guests involved in your photo booth.

Produce a Photo Album

Corporate events can be busy! While your guests will get to take away a physical copy of their photos with them, you can also create a digital album. This tip is ideal for in-house events that you’re hosting for employees or functions with a guest list.

You’ll receive digital copies of all your photos when using our photo booths, allowing your guests to download their pictures to share on social media. Creating a photo album is an easy way for attendees to find their pictures after the event, especially group photos.

If you’re hosting an all-day event or attending a multi-day conference, you can display your photos on a screen after they’re uploaded to our server.


creative photo booth ideas for corporate events hots
creative photo booth ideas for corporate events hots

Experiment with Props

Not everyone feels confident getting into a photo booth and props kill two birds with one stone. They’re a way of giving your guests something to pose with, while also incorporating your theme or branding into the photo.

Your photo booth attendant will have a range of props on hand for your guests to use. These props will add a quirky twist to your photos and make the photo booth experience more interactive.

There is an endless possibility of props you can use, from branded signs to masks and wigs. Choose props that fit your event theme or that tie in your company branding. You can easily DIY props or order custom photo booth props from websites like Etsy.

Should You Choose a 360 Video Booth?

Before you can start thinking of creative photo booth ideas, you need to make sure you have the right photo booth. One of the best options for corporate events is the 360-degree video booth. These cameras offer videos and panoramic photos that capture your guests from every angle and can accommodate larger groups.

The videos can be shared on social media in the same way as our photos. It’s the perfect way to encourage your guests to post on social media, including TikTok.

Our 360-video photo booth utilises the latest technology with DSLR cameras. They’re ideal for corporate functions being held in large venues and conference spaces. You’ll have a photo booth assistant on-hand throughout your event to oversee its operation.

How to Get Your Guests Excited About Your Photo Booth

While photo booths have become one of the biggest event trends in recent years, not everyone is ready to jump inside them right away. You want to get your guests excited about the photo booth and ready to strike a pose when they arrive.

Getting your guests hyped about the photo booth means it’ll get more guest engagement, and your company will have more content to utilise in marketing and in-house material.

Send out emails to your colleagues for in-house events or promote your photo booth on social media if setting it up at a conference or ticketed event. Let your guests suggest prop ideas and poses to use.

The placement of your photo booth is crucial. You want to place it in a high-traffic area that is easy to spot, while also having enough space to accommodate it. You’ll want to mark out the area for your photo booth, and leave a little breathing space, before setting up the rest of your event space.

Build brand awareness and create an engaging event experience for your guests by hiring a photo booth for your next corporate event. Get in touch with our team today to explore our corporate photo booth hire options.

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