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Social Media Integration for Photo Booths

Gone are the days when photo booth photos exist solely on little glossy pages. While photo booths are nostalgic for the physical photos that they produce, social media integration is taking photo booths to the next level.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Social media integration allows instant digital sharing of high-quality photo booth pictures.
  2. Custom branding like logos and hashtags encourages social sharing and marketing.
  3. Digital options create interactive, gif-able content for all ages to enjoy.
  4. Lead generation opportunities come from collecting guest emails during photo downloads.

You’ll get your physical photos as a keepsake while accessing digital copies to post directly to social media. Our next-generation photo booths offer social media integration, from professional copies of your photos to animated GIFs to share online.

We’re covering everything you need to know about social media integration for photo booths and what it can add to your next event. Opting for digital integration gives your guests the best of both worlds!

social media integration for photo booths marketing
social media integration for photo booths marketing

Should You Have Social Media Integration in Your Photo Booth?

Digital integration in your photo booth means that your guests can access their photos within seconds and just a few clicks. Both the event organisers and guests themselves will have access to the photos when they are uploaded to our server.

You don’t need to be hosting a corporate event to get the benefits of adding social media integration to your Bedfordshire photo booth packages. Birthday parties, formals, and wedding receptions are the perfect time to add on this interactive extra. Your guests can upload high-quality copies of their photo booth pictures alongside their selfies and outfit pictures directly to social media.

Your guests get the nostalgic experience of a physical photo booth picture, alongside the peace of mind of a digital copy. It’s an extra keepsake for your guests, whether they’re devoted to their Instagram feed or like to keep it old-school with physical pictures.

Photo booths with social media integration offer something for guests of every age – whether they’re

Turning Your Photo Booth Digital

You can create an animated gif of your photos to display on a screen during the event or to post to social media afterwards. It gives you a new way to think about props and poses that is halfway between traditional pictures and video.

Social media integration means your event’s hashtag or company logo can be automatically added to photos for a professional look. It’s an easy way to maximise your brand integration throughout the event and drive traffic to your social media accounts and website when the photos are posted online.

Photo Booths for Corporate Events

Hiring a photo booth for a corporate event is the perfect way to curate user-generated content. Whether you’re opening a new store or hosting a conference, digital copies of photo booth pictures can be a key part of your marketing strategy.

Your guests can access digital copies of their photos within minutes. They can post high-quality versions of their photos directly to social media, incorporating your event hashtag and tagging your brand.

We can work with you to create custom borders and graphics on your photos to add an extra level of branding to elevate your photos. It’s easy to incorporate your hashtag, brand name, or logo into your photo design to prompt guests to post online.

You can also use your digital copies to create an online photo album to direct guests to your social media profiles.

One aspect of social media integration with photo booths that you might overlook is the opportunity for lead generation. You might choose to hire a photo booth when opening a new store or hosting an event for customers and potential clients.

Your guests will be prompted to add their email address and/or phone number to receive digital copies of their pictures. You can use this information as part of your future marketing campaigns and is invaluable for targeted campaigns.

social media integration for photo booths
social media integration for photo booths

Boost Your Event ROI with Photo Booths

Corporate events and functions are for more than just getting your colleagues or customers together. Photo booths with social media integration offer you an opportunity to boost your event’s ROI and enhance the experience for your guests.

You can incorporate brand integration into your photo booth with custom backgrounds, hashtags, and logos. Our photo frames can also be personalised to add information like your social media handles, website address, and sponsor information.

Your guests can produce a wealth of user-generated content, from short videos to animated gifs and professional photographs. This content can all be repurposed throughout your event or afterwards as part of your media strategy.

Why Social Media Has Made Photo Booths Popular Again

Social media made the selfie famous, but it’s also made photo booths popular again. The evolution of the traditional photo booth has reinvented it as a form of entertainment and one of the most in-demand extras at any event. Social media integration means event attendees can instantly share their photos online, without awkwardly trying to snap a pic of their print-out.

You can choose between a range of social media and physical print when choosing your photo booth. Our traditional photo booths, magic mirrors, and 360-video booths offer a full range of services to suit any event.

Guests go to events to see other people and be seen in return. It’s why every night out is revisited in Facebook posts and Instagram stories. While we all have high-quality cameras at our fingertips with smartphones, photo booths offer a more interactive experience that you can’t recreate through an iPhone.

Posting photo booth pictures on social media shows off to your friends and followers that you were at the coolest events.

Social media integration allows guests to choose from a range of digital options when downloading their pictures, making it possible for them to post on social media as boomerangs and gifs. Your guests can also customise their photo booth pictures further with editing apps on their smartphones.

What makes social media integration important for photo booths is that it enhances the guest’s experience and provides a unique method for lead generation. They’ll get to take home their physical picture, while still being able to post directly to their social media feeds.

Our friendly customer service team will work with you to explore the different social media integration options available with our photo booths, magic mirrors, and 360 video booths.

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